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,,While you travel Cozy Cat
tends to your cat – and more''

About Us

We live rather busy lives, and our cosmopolite lifestyle and looking after our beloved cats sometimes interfere. Cat sitting services are not a new idea, but Cozy Cat focuses on the comfort and convenience of the urban cats and cat owners.

Being cat owners ourselves, we know only too well the amount of organization involved before a last-minute business trip, a weekend away or a longer vacation.

Who should we ask to look after our cat? Who will take care of our beloved kitty companion as we would? It is a difficult question, but we have the solution.

Our team members are all cat loving sitters, who will look after your cat as of their own – in his or her own environment. We carry out all necessary tasks, based on you and your cat’s needs.

Core Values

Megbízhatóság, biztonság

Reliability, responsibility

With our services you can be sure that your cat as well as your home is under daily surveillance.

Professzionalitás, Tapasztalat

Professional experience

Their personal experience and attention to detail help our cat sitters to tend to our cat clients’ needs with the highest regard.

Rugalmasság, Pontosság

Flexibility, punctuality

Our practical operation organization allows for the flexible management of your personal requirements.

Kommunikáció, elérhetőség

Communication, availability

Day-to-day communication to the owners is an important part of our services.

Feedback from clients:

+36 20 949 4902

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